Advanced WordPress Setup Guide

This is my preferred setup for my own projects.  It is harder at each step, but I will explain the benefits.  The main different of these is they are cheaper but harder to use.

Domain Registrar – NameCheap

Namecheap is cheaper than Godaddy, namely because the whois privacy is free vs premium on GoDaddy.

Hosting – Cloudways

Cloudways is a hosting management service, its more bare bones than cPanel so offers better performance, but you lose many of the easy tools a cPanel dashboard offers.

Cloudflare – DNS Manager & CDN

Cloudflare is both a convenient DNS manager and a Content Deliver Network.  It’s free, and the main benefits of the free version is to give a free HTTPS, stops a lot of unwanted traffic (spam and hackers), and acts as a Content Deliver Network which loads your content faster making for a shorter webpage load time.

Elementor Pro w/ Elementor Blank Theme – Theme

If you have a vision of what you’re building ahead of time, Elementor offers a better experience buliding a site from the ground up over Divi.  Divi is good for taking an existing design and adapting it.  The main difference is in the way theme options happen, in Divi everything is very user friendly by having admin options for everything.  However, this can begin to feel bloated and tedious when making changes a lot of changes.  Elementor has the design process much more compartmentalized, so you can build your website in parts and put them together through their component display configuration.

Caching Note*

When using this stack, be very aware of the multiple layers of caching which can frusturate you when you make changes.  If you make a change and caching is not cleared, you will not see any changes.  Cloudflare, Cloudways, and maybe your theme and plugins may store their own cache, so during changes you must ensure each cache is turned off from the bottom up.

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